Josh Brook
( New construction and stage inspections )
When replacing a selection.

A New construction or stage inspection is a inspection by an independent builder during the construction of your new home.

This is a visual inspection to highlight the areas that have not been completed to their relevant Australian Standards or NCC.

Construction / progress and stage inspections carrier out by Southern Independent Building Inspections are completely independent and will advise you on the quality of work being completed by the builder and inform you of the issues that need to be addressed by the builder.

The inspection comes with a completed report to hand to your builder to rectify the noted defects.

Stage inspections consist of

Pre-Slab inspection-

Prior to the concrete slab being poured

Frame stage /Pre-Lining inspection-

when the frame is complete and prior to wall lining being installed. This is the most vital inspection due to the frame being a structural member and is vital to get this right!

Lock up stage / water proofing inspection-

All external door, windows, roof installation and brickwork is completed

Practical completion inspection-

this is the final inspection as we received the majority of call as owner are concerned about the quality of the build or incorrect information they have been provided.