Expert Witness Reports

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For Building Claims or Litigation in (NCAT tribunal Local or  District Court).

You will need a Building Expert Witness Report if you intend on making a claim in the court or tribunal for litigation (NCAT), whether you are a builder, owner or an party in a dispute.

Expert Witness Reports for owners and builders in relation to Incomplete Building Works, Defective building works and Non Compliant works. 

In NSW, Builders are required to complete building contracts in accordance with the Home Building Act 1989 (HBA), Building Code of Australia (BCA) now known as National Construction Code (NCC) and all relevant Australian Standards (AS).

Expert Witness Report includes all relevant evidence, methods of rectification to rectify defects, and incomplete works.  

In the majority of matters a ‘Scott Schedule’ is also required to summarise the Report and cost claim.  

We are also fully aware of the NCAT and Court requirements  set out in an Expert Report and adhere to the relevant Code of Conduct requirements.

We also attend on site conclave meetings and giving evidence in relation to our reports in court or NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). 

All expert Witness reports comply with all Court and NCAT Codes of Conduct.