At Southern Independent Building Inspections (SIBI), we understand the complexities involved in construction disputes and the critical role of an Expert Witness Inspection in resolving these matters effectively. Our service is tailored to support both builders and property owners through the intricate process of legal claims, particularly in the context of building expert witness report and the pivotal Scott Schedules.

Services Tailored for Legal Clarity

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Our thermal imaging inspections are a cornerstone in identifying hidden issues that could be pivotal in a legal dispute, providing a non-invasive method to uncover potential problems that are not visible to the naked eye.

Special Purpose Inspections

We offer special purpose inspections that are meticulously tailored to address specific concerns that may arise during a dispute, ensuring that every aspect of the contention is thoroughly examined.

New Construction And Stage Inspections

Our new construction inspection and stage inspection services play a vital role in preempting disputes by ensuring all phases of construction adhere to the agreed-upon standards and specifications.

Building Expert Witness Report for Building Claims or Litigation

Expert Witness Inspection For Building Claims or Litigation in (NCAT tribunal or Court).

You will need a Building or Pest Expert Witness Report if you intend on making a claim or responding to a claim or dispute in the court or tribunal for litigation (NCAT), whether you are a builder or owner in a dispute.

The Expert Witness Report includes all relevant evidence and findings.

In the majority of matters a ‘Scott Schedules’ is also required to summarise the Report and cost claim.
We are also fully aware of the requirements of NCAT and Court in the set out of an Expert Report and adhere to the relevant Expert Code of Conduct.

Many disputes can also arise from variations in the contract. We are experienced in assessing variation claims against the original contract documents and can include these in an Expert Report.

We are also attend on site conclave meetings and giving evidence in We also attend on site conclave meetings and give evidence in relation to our reports in court or NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). Additionally, we are familiar with and comply with all the Court and NCAT Codes of Conduct.

Why Choose SIBI for Your Building Expert Witness Report Needs?

Selecting Southern Independent Building Inspections for your expert witness needs means opting for a partner who not only brings expertise to the table but also a profound understanding of the legal intricacies involved in building disputes. Our inspections and reports are designed to provide you with the clarity and support needed to navigate the complexities of building claims and litigation.

With SIBI, you’re not just getting a building expert witness report, you’re securing peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your dispute is being handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Our friendly, informative, and professional approach ensures that you are well informed and comfortable throughout the entire process.

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If you find yourself in need of a building expert witness report for your building claim or litigation, look no further than Southern Independent Building Inspections. Our team is ready to provide you with the comprehensive support and expert insights needed to ensure a favorable outcome in your legal proceedings.

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Discover more about our Expert Witness Inspection service and how we can assist you in your building claims or litigation.

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